Workout For Complete Beginners

Warm up


Get your heart rate up and do some dynamic stretching to improve flexibility and reduce the risk of muscle injury.


Workout Routine

We recommend a full body workout for the first 10 sessions so as to adjust your muscles and nerves for training.  The best exercises according to each body part is

Squats for lower body

Lunges for glutes

Weighted crunches for core

Dumbbell Bench press for chest

Assisted chinups or lat pulldowns for back.

Squats 3x 6-12 reps

      • For squats be very careful not to squat so your knees are way past your toes or your knees will get destroyed, also don’t make it so they don’t pass your toes one bit because it will destroy your lower back and hips. Also go all the way down to target the upper quads and the hamstrings.

Dumbbell Bench Press 3x 6-12 reps

      • This is the best exercise for the upper chest and also works the stabilizer muscles.

Weighted crunches 3x 10-15 reps

        • Go very slow for a good contraction and stimulation of the abdominal muscles

Chin-ups (Assisted only)

      • Most beginners cant even do assisted chin-ups so there are two options, swap for another exercise or get some help.

Lat pull down 3x 6-12 reps and Bent over laterals 3x 6-12 reps

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1 Comment

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