Top Apps For Productivity


Staying productive in a distraction and entertainment-driven modern world is challenging. So, we summed up a few apps we use on a daily basis to keep us focused.

Google Keep 


This is the best app that we have ever come across to stay organized and productive. You can set reminders, take notes either through text or voice, save images and comes with an automatic Google drive sync.  It can be accessed through any device.

The reason we recommend Google keep over  similar apps like Evernote, Onenote and Awesome note is due to the simplicity it provides.




Insight Meditation Timer


The best way to stay focused for long periods of time is through controlled breaks and relaxation . This is where meditation comes in. Insight timer is the best app on meditation with a ton of free guided meditation lessons. It is one of the most used free-meditation apps so we let the reviews speak for it’s popularity. 

A reason why we don’t recommend paid meditation apps is because they’re not worth it. Why waste money on something you don’t need when Insight timer is more than enough?


Last Pass  


Most of us set a similar (if not the same) password for most of our accounts. What if one of them got hacked? Or, do you have problem remembering complex passwords you have set for ten different accounts? Then try this app. 

The only password you ever need to remember is the password you set for this app.



Loop – Habit Tracker  


The number of workouts you have missed during the past month, shots you have drunk ,  days you have meditated in a row are some of the things that need to be tracked on a daily basis. This app solves that problem. Every day is taken into count and the strength of the habit is measured so that you can keep the good ones going and the bad ones in check.  A reason why we recommend this over other apps is because it is open source and ad-free.



Pocket- Save For Later


Have you come across something interesting while you’re endlessly scrolling the articles, Facebook feed and Youtube videos? This app solves that problem by saving it for later.  This is also available as a browser plugin.

Mindless scrolling and surfing the Internet will temporarily rob you of your ability to focus deeply on something so you will end up mindlessly reading the article that you found interesting. To prevent that, we use this app.


This sums up the apps we think that might be useful to the reader. We will expand the article in future as we come across more interesting apps.

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