Road redemption : A Sequel To Road Rash

Road redemption is the successor to the Road Rash series is a vehicle combat racing game which was developed by Pixel Dash Studios and EQ Games was released on 4th Oct 2017. The company is planning to release the console version of the game by early 2018.

The Road redemption game aims to replicate the simplicity and silliness present in the Road rash series and introducing m0dern graphics and gameplay mechanics along with some silly weapons which are added to the of the player.

The Road redemption introduces firearms in the player options for weapons as well as players.The game is  present with the split screen multiplayer modes along with the computer-based modes which are categorized rarely in this type of games. This game can also be played on the Nintendo which is a Japanese video game console which is similar to Sony PSP and Xbox.

The Road redemption game can reach the higher heights similar to the games in the Road rash series. This game is compatible with the  Microsoft Windows, Linux and OS X platforms.




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