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PARENTS are the reason for our SMILE.



I don’t know how to express my love upon them who are ever ready to sacrifice their life for me. They are the one who shed tears with happiness when you are enjoying the flavours of life. I am lucky to have parents like you…

Oh! my dear parents,

You are my heart of heart,

You are my soul of soul,

You sacrificed everything for me,

How shall I pay gratitude to you!


You love me in every second of my life,

You guide me through every walk of my life,

You think about me in every breath of my life,

There is no substitute for your love!!


When I was born, your joy had no bounds,

When I opened my eyes to see the entire world,

Your eyes completely stared at me,

When I started lisping, you became speechless hearing me,

When I began to walk,

You observed me every fraction of second,

When I was awarded for something,

You are rewarded with sheer joy feeling everything,

When I will be well-settled enjoying the flavours of life,

You roll tears of joy,

When I spare even a little time to share all my feelings with you,

You feel as if you are in heaven!!!





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