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My Space [My Love Story] : Part-3

love tory

In case, You missed the first Part click this

All her instincts were correct, maybe the whole world wants to help her with the desired destiny. An unknown person is turned to be her senior with one common friend.She started spying every minute detail about him and completely overwhelmed not only by his character but in fact everything. Finally, after maintaining a long friendship, want to take the relationship a step further and the result was her message.

He was a bit surprised by listening to the whole story and dropped a message to his friend to come to coffee day as soon as possible. She noticed that something is really bothering him since he was uncomfortable to utter anything and was on his phone.So she explained that she was being sincere as much as possible and can take any outcome hoping for the positive response by fingers crossed. And when he was about to say his opinion his friend arrives at the coffee shop and slowly grabs the chair and takes his position.

For a few minutes, there was a pin drop silence, the sound of their heartbeat became much louder and then to break the silence his friend decided to conclude by saying an important part which is shared only to few people. Maybe I am not accurate in making judgments.The moment I got the message I realized this will be the conclusion. Anyways sorry for my intentional behavior. Now I am about to say something which you might find very silly but when I got the message then it was proved that he was sincere about the girl from her childhood.

A numerous number of times I heard him saying he likes her but this much beyond the word love.He admires, respects and in fact, know everything about her than she knows about herself. By listening to his friend immediately tears started rushing out from her eyes.that is really the saddest part of her life as she loves him so much and had genuine feelings towards him.After sometime she came to her conscious that nothing can change her destiny.

Finally, After a serious emotional communication between them there ends the story as she understood his genuine and true feelings towards the girl he loves, she really respected his feelings. As time passes all three of them became very good friends. Maybe in future, they might pull each other legs by reminding the incident. LOVE MAKES EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL.



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