Did Madrid Made a Mistake Letting Morata Leave


The Cause For The Transfer

Alvaro Morata was a good player in the Real Madrid squad. He rarely started key matches due to the presence of stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, and Gareth Bale. Even though he played 26 matches for Real and scoring 15 goals for them it was not enough.

He wants to be playing in every possible match for a club rather than waiting for his chance at Real Madrid. Milan was in talks with Madrid over Morata as he already had experience playing in Italy for Juventus. But it did not match the price tag set by Zidane.

Morata Transfer Saga


Morata was to be signed by United in 2017 summer transfer window. Alvaro had been in contact with Mourinho and agreed to the terms ahead of the possible deal. United made a shock $100 million deal for Romelu Lukaku and signed him.

Alvaro was so frustrated on Madrid that they missed on the deal. As the Blues missed out on Lukaku they made a bid for Alvaro and signed him. Antonio Conte is a long time admirer of Morata because he had already signed Alvaro previously for Juventus in 2014.

Morata’s performance at Chelsea


Alvaro already played 6 Premier League games and 2 Champions League games this season. Scoring a hat-trick against Stoke and a total of eight goals already for the blues. He has been in terrific form since he joined the Blues.

Real Madrid’s performance after Alvaro left

morata madrid

Madrid has only won 3 matches this season securing only 11 points in the first 6 games. Positioning themselves at 6th for the first time in the last 10 years with their goal difference being only 5. They are 7 points adrift the league leaders Barcelona. Real Madrid fans might be thinking that it would be better if they did not let Alvaro leave.




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