Krunal Pandya Set To Wed

krunal and pankhuri

Mumbai Indians player and all-rounder Krunal Pandya is going to marry soon. Karnal Pandya is the brother of Hardik Pandya who is a key player in the Indian team. Both of them are playing for Mumbai Indians in IPL. Krunal is going to marry her girlfriend Pankuri Sharma on December 27.

Two years ago, Krunal met Pankuri for the first time. She was introduced by one of his friends and their friendship led to their wedding. Both families accepted their love and now Krunal and Pankuri are ready to get married. The wedding will be held in the presence of the family members, a few relatives, and friends in the Santa Cruz Hotel in Mumbai. Reception follows on the evening the same day.

On this occasion, Krunal said: ‘Punkuri is my friend’s friend. Two years ago I met her for the first time. Since then, We have often met. During that, we both loved each other. I liked two attributes in her, She is always so simple and stands in support to me in all things. I am Very happy. I’m going to marry a girl who loves me and loves me more than my friends.”




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