iPhone X, The iPhone Without A Home Button

The new iPhone X:

As we know it’s September and you know what the Apple fans wait for, yes you got it right – ‘the release of the new iPhone’ . It has been a premium smartphone for many years and it retains a lot of that aura every time it releases a new version. During the release, the crowd wasn’t  interested in the software updates but are instead excited about the hardware changes and the new security features.

This year a new phone called the ‘iPhone X’ along with the good ol’  iPhone 8 have been released . They both have a larger screen than the previous versions.  For now,  let’s talk about the more interesting one among the both, the iPhone X . It doesn’t have a home button and spots a bezel-less screen. One of the few catches with this phone is that the users have to take great care to handle their new iPhone X because of the glass on both, front and back sides. Both of the new iPhones are packed with the latest iOS software, the iOS11.


The new iPhone does not have a home button and spots a bezel-less screen.

iPhone X does not have a home button and instead Apple replaced it with the latest iris scanning technology. People who love a good display will enjoy the new bezel-less screen. All of this might interest a normal user but they have to think twice before buying the phone it as the price is speculated to range from 70,000 to 90,000 for 32GB to 256GB respectively.



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