What Is Going On In North Korea?

north korea

North Korea

In the recent months, North Korea has been threatening the whole world with its nuclear power by testing far-range nuclear missiles that are estimated to reach up to nearly 50% of the globe. No one knows how many nuclear missiles North Korea has. US officials put it up to 60, some experts put it up to 30 while others are taking it as high as 300 but as of now, they have already launched 2 missiles, the Hwasong-14 and Hwasong-12. A total of 6 nuclear tests have been done and experts believe there are more to come as the North Korea continues in its ambitious goal to be a global power.


The Russian President Putin warns that this act of North Korea will have a catastrophic effect on Russia. The new nuclear bomb that the Koreans tested was 6 times stronger than the bomb that killed more than 70,000 people in Hiroshima. There were Satellite images of the mountain where the nuclear tests are done and analysts had spotted many landslides at the test site.

United States

The US had already set batteries moving over North Korea and China so that if there are any missiles that lead to destruction these batteries can collide with the launched missiles and can stop the mass destruction. But, the problem is that destroying a nuclear missile in the air will cause great damage to the atmosphere in a large area surrounding the blast.

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