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Every parent desires to see their child at the top position. Parents start thinking and frame some thoughts about our life even before we step on the mother-land. They pin hopes for gender too. They think about us before our birth, they live for us until their death. Mother gives us birth, father gives us life. They play with us when we crawl. They talk with us when we even don’t know how to whisper. They shower unconditional love. The days of our childhood are golden days for our parents too. They spend every fraction of second happily without observing the clock. They have experienced many sleepless nights to give comfortable sleep to us. They happily lift us while we are playing, even when their hands are paining. They show different things to satiate our hunger. This is just the tip of an iceberg. They are ever ready to do anything to see happiness in our eyes. For building good careers, they join us in reputed schools. Every child cries and refuses to step into schools. Mother muses us, pleases us and scolds us to go. Dad gives a band of courage, leaving our hand in school. Now, teachers start caring us.

We hurt our parents many times unintentionally. They even receive us with a smiling face because of the boundless love upon us. They never expect the returns. They ask us to enjoy the days of life. They cry for our woes. They become our smile when we achieve something. They give assistance like a backbone. They walk in front of us to bridge the gap between our destinations and obstacles.

In my childhood, I used to fight with friends till anyone lodge complaint on me. Parents leave us in the hands of teachers. We are just the clay. It is the teacher who shapes us, who guides us, who shows the rosy path to us. Our role is to just walk carefully, observing the thorns. “Life is as simple as we think. Life is as happy as we live”, can be cited here.

School curriculum makes students helpless. They don’t even get time to spend with parents. They rush to school before the bell rings. They get tedious tasks to finish. At some point of time, children start running away from their parents love unknowingly as the time elapses. Days will pass as fast as the cursor in the monitor. Teachers motivate us to get good marks in board examination. They mould the students to bag better marks in the board examination.

Now, Intermediate life begins, where everyone spends most of their time with books. Most of us don’t have a good environment to play with friends for recreation. Sleeping in late nights, grabbing the books as soon as we get up, waiting for a lunch bell with starving stomach, deadlines and hectic schedules become the norm of the day. This makes the students desperate and exasperate. Young minds used to wait eagerly for a rare outing to spend time with parents and friends. Going for night shows, climbing the walls to get into the college, again bearing the tones of pressures of the daily routine. Lecturers throw some light about the importance of Intermediate exams. In my view, final exams may be the turning point in our lives but not a life deciding factor.

Waiting for the results of inter, enjoying the ample amount of holidays which we have never experienced before. We expect to do our graduation in our dream college. Our dream college will remain as a dream for many of us. Days will pass, a wind of change will occur in our lives, “Engineering”. Somehow, everyone satisfies with the college and its environment in few days. First-year passes away as the sparkling of light which we can’t even have a complete glance.

Enjoying with friends, bunking the classes to satisfy our wishes, indulging in the events, working hard before exams, hoping for the better marks, screening the results with enthusiasm is the routine semester lifestyle of an average engineering student. Two years of time passes wasting in classrooms, enjoying the rest with friends. At some point of time, the question arises, what is the next step to settle in our life?. Time alone answers some questions. If you realize that this is the peak time for you. The rest of life depends on the step that we take at this moment. Many of us will confuse, some may even fear about their career. It is okay to confuse because when we confuse, we explore. Give your best, leaving no stone unturned. Success follows you.

Life throws many obstacles to us, pray the God to give enough courage to face them. ”UP’S AND DOWN’S ARE PART AND PARCEL OF LIFE”.





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