Bumrah’s Six Pack


Jasprit Jasbir Singh Bumrah, Right arm fast-bowler. He is considered one of the top limited-overs bowlers currently active in the game. After entering into the Indian Cricket Team, soon he became a regular player for the Indian side.

With his deadly yorkers in the death overs of the match, he has been playing in a very good form and making the opposition sweat. He gives limited runs, analyses the batsman’s batting style and bowls the right way and gets the batsman out. With Kohli’s inspiration, he focused on his fitness and increased his fitness level. Bumrah shared his Six Pack picture with his fans on Twitter.

He Wrote “It takes dedication and hard work to consistently improve yourself.” under the picture he uploaded on twitter. Fans are liking it a lot, the picture is getting a lot of comments from the girls. Team India captain Virat Kohli loves being fit. He wants everyone to stay fit with him. With his inspiration, KL Rahul and all-rounder Hardyk Pandya fitness were improved. Now Bumrah is on this list. He played 28 one-day matches, the yorker specialist has taken 40 wickets in 52 Tests and 30 T20s.



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