3 Must Visit Temples In Warangal

1.Bhadrakali Temple:

This temple is in the center of Warangal and most often the local people go and visit this temple because of the climate and environment. There is a garden and a lake just beside the temple. People here believe that the Durga statue is very powerful one and right prayers will fulfill all the needs and desires of the devotees.

2.Thousand Pillar Temple:

It has a lot of history and been into films a couple of times, this is a Shiva temple and it had a thousand pillars a decade before. But there are only a few of them visible now as most part of the temple goes under restricted area. The carvings are beautifully crafted on the pillars of this temple. Monday will be the busiest day of the week for this temple.

3.Ramappa Temple:

This one with a great history and the environment is absolutely stunning and we have a couple of other places to visit as well near this temple the Ramappa lake and the Laknavaram lake. This is also a Shiva temple as the thousand pillar temple. The pillars at the entrance of the inner temple will give out sounds when we hit them. They also involve a great showcase of the carving capability of the Kakathiyas. If you want to go to a picnic with your family or elders who are a little bit spiritual kind then this is a perfect weekend getaway for you.



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